I got the new Apple AirTag and the Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

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Apple AirTag and AirTag Leather Key Ring unboxing and set-up video.
I used to use the Tile ones in the past for items which were constantly getting lost around the house.
The limitation of Bluetooth was obvious when it came to distance and also GPS locators (for keys and wallet) wasn't much of a solution due to battery life.
So I was excited when Apple announced the AirTags with a battery lasting for one year and the most important aspect: the AirTags are connected to the Find My Apple Device network, so they can be found regardless of the distance.
I wanted to get the engraved ones online, but the delivery time is currently around 6 weeks so I went to the local Apple Store and bought a normal AirTag.
I also bought an Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring which costs more than the actual AirTag :D

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